Providing professional mediation
services in Canyon County

Mediation is a method of solving a dispute where the parties themselves work to reach a mutual decision.

Thus, child custody mediation is a process where a child custody dispute is resolved with the parents being allowed to maintain control over their decisions, as well as maintaining control over what happens to their children following separation or divorce. The alternative to mediation, is to use litigation to resolve the dispute.

In litigation the parents will turn the decisions relating to custody over to the court for resolution. Litigation is typically stressful, expensive, contentious, and the parties will lose control over the process.

If you have been court ordered to attend mediation in Canyon County, or live in Nampa, Caldwell, or the surounding area contact Tyler's office about scheduling your first mediation session.

If you have not been court ordered but would like to use mediation to resolve a child custody or divorce dispute, Tyler can still assist with that process. As long as both parties agree to enter into mediation the process can move foward.  

If you have any quations about the process or what information Tyler will need before your first session please contact the office.